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Registration form created to register households. Follow up forms (entitled household member 1-10) created to collect data on each of the household members; up to 10 members. If household member 1 is not the head of household, how do you make the questions specific to the head of the household show in subsequent household 2-10 members forms. Alternatively, lets say the household has 3 members, and member 2 is the head of the household. How to make the questions relative to head of household show for the second member, and not show on the form when filling for household member 3. I have specifically avoided using repeat groups so as to keep workflow simple, as well as to allow for information to be stored as case properties.

Seeking guidance on addressing this.


Hi Scherrie,

In the form for household member 1, I assume you have question: Is the person Head of Household?. Save that question as a Case Property [ Say, is_hod ]. Now make sure you do this for all Household Member form, where the Is the person Head of Household? question is saved to the same Case Property [is_hod].

On all household member forms, for each question related to the Head of Household use the following Display Condition: [#case/is_hod] = ‘yes’ I am assuming here you are using yes/no as the values].

On all household member forms, for each question related to the Household Member has the following Display Condition: [#case/is_hod] = ‘no’

Does this help?


Yes I did, but wherever the head of household y/n question is saved as a separate case property for each household form( ie hoh_yn, hoh_yn2, hoh_yn3 etc).

So yes where that question appears on member to form I have hoh_yn = ‘no” , and for example when that question appears on form 3 I have hon_yn =‘no’ and hoh_yn2=‘no’ etc for all forms up to 10.

I will try the bottom part of your suggestion if I tomorrow based on my understanding of what you are saying. This is essentially what is giving me the difficulty and what I would like to speak with you about on Thursday. All other calculations are working fine now it’s just this is the outstanding issue

Hi Dev,

I tried your suggestion according to how I understood it. Unfortunately it didn’t work. Can we seek to address his still during or 10pm discussion tomorrow?