Signing Certificate Update Notice

Dear CommCare Users,

This is a notification that the validity period for the previous CommCare
signing certificate (Sept 2010 to November 2011) has expired. The next
certificate validity period has begun, and will be valid until November
2013. As always, CommCareHQ is loaded with the next certificate for new

If you’re unfamiliar with the code signing process for J2ME phones, please
read through this guide in the CommCare Knowledge Base:

What does this mean for my application?

··· * * As described in the knowledge base article, currently installed CommCare applications should continue functioning as normal. However, anything that results in the application being moved around after it has been run (apps on SD cards being removed/reinserted, Phone2Phone installs, etc) will need to be updated to a new build. You won't have to update to a new version of CommCare, just create a new build of your application in its current state.

As always, if you have any further questions after reading the FAQ, please
let me know.