Show list of cases on mobile device

Dear all,
Hope everybody day went well?
I am designing an application, I need your support to show my case list on mobile devices to be visible for mobile worker, could anyone support me for this, attached pictures is a better referenceCapture for my question.

Hi Abdul,

Using the Case List report [ Reports/Case List], I would check who the Case Owner is for a given case.
For a case to visible to a mobile user, the mobile user needs to be the owner of the case, or be a part of a Group or Location who owns the case.


Hi Dev,
Thanks for your kind consideration still it’s a little bit complected for me, could you let me know with some screen shot and the steps for making this ahead.

Dear Dev,
I really appreciated your Skype call and supporting me for the solution of my request, as per your direction I did the values and now it’s working well again thank you for this extra work.
Best Samim