Show/hide forms or module based on the user's group

Hi everyone,

I have an app used by hundreds of people in the same country at the same level. I created reporting groups fro the MW and now want to hide the form from a certain date for some groups, and keep it live for some other groups. I am thinking about the display logic on the module but can’t find how to target the groups as I can do with the individual usernames.

I could do it with the individual usernames with the " #user/username != ‘user1’ # but I am dealing with about 500 users here… Is there any way I can do this with reporting groups?


It sounds like your best bet may be using Custom User Data to achieve this. You can use this to create a new user property, and reference this user property in the display conditions of forms. This will still require you to define the user property for each user, but it makes your display condition far simpler, and allows you to import the changes to the user in bulk.

Hope this is helpful!

Hi Cody,

Thanks, this was really helpful! I was able to do what I had in mind.


I agree with Cstahl, i ended up using custom user data to show/hide forms. more reliable, and will not be affected with things like organizational structure and locations