Show Data in Table Form

Hi All,

i have a form which has some questions showing activity status for Last month and current month. Now i want to display these outputs in a table appearance at the end of form as showing below

Indicators Last Month Current month
Home visit Functional Non-Functional
VHND Visit Non-Functional Functional
Child Care Functional Non-Functional
Mother Care Functional Non-Functional


i really need it in my app and looking for your support if we have any work around.


CommCare’s text formatting engine is the Markdown standard, which includes some support for tabular display. I believe this is supported on the Android client, but may have limitations for display on Web Apps.


Hi Clayton.

Thanks for your support on this. I tried it but it is not working.

Two ideas:

  1. Tables might not trigger HQ’s identification that your text field wants to be markdown. Do you see the box below the text input that shows the formatted output? If not, putting something in bold then removing it should convince HQ that you want that text input field to be formatted.

  2. markdown engine may not support the alignment flag (":"), it’s worth trying without it