Sharing CommCare-User data between CHW and supervisor apps


I have two apps on my project space - one for CHWs and the other is an app for the CHW supervisors. In the supervisor app I have a module where I have a case list of all the CHW names for that supervisor using the case type ‘CHW’. I now want to add to that case list the phone number for each CHW. If I use telephone_number from CommCare-User case properties, I will get the supervisor’s telephone number not the CHW. To resolve this would I need to create a case type in the CHW app called ‘CHW’ and save telephone_number as a case property to get the telephone number for the CHW in the supervisor app? Currently the apps are set up so that the supervisors can access the CHW data through the organizational hierarchy.

Many thanks!


Hi Sarah,

That approach should work as you’ve outlined, and is what I would generally recommend.