Setting/Allowing Exceptions for questions

Hello all,

I have set some questions in CommCare where I would like to record heights for certain variables.

What I would CommCare to do is, if an observation X isn’t available I want CommCare to allow mobile users to put an “NA” or any value like “-99” instead of 0.

Thank you all and gladly waiting for your assistance on this.

Hi Samuel,

You can leave the question as optional and just have your users skip over it.

If you’d like more explicit confirmation, you could add a yes/no multiple choice question asking if the measurement is available, and if not, hide the height question using a display condition.

To control the output, you can add a hidden value question which does whatever transformations you like based on the other questions, and use that question as the source of “height” data.


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Hi Ethan,

Thanks for your feedback, it’s what i will surely do.

However, do you have any further suggestions on how I can limit the “—” that ComCare will bring under this question if it is skipped, is there any way I can replace these “—” with an “NA”.


The “—” is a placeholder for any properties that aren’t set - I don’t think there’s an option to replace it. Instead, you could make a hidden value question which uses the coalesce function to show the height if set, or “NA” if not set. Something like

coalesce(#form/height_question, "NA")
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