Sequential ID generation as beneficiary ID

Dear Sir/Madam,

I would like to request you all to help me to create a sequential beneficiary ID in commcare like
Beni_101_5/20, Beni_102_5/20. How can we create automatically updated ID here

Thank you in advance

Hi Buddha

you can get started by reading these links below

there’s just a couple of things you need to be aware of when creating a counter. if you’re using case sharing in your app and you’re counting something like “child cases” or “count cases of type XXX” and using that number inside your ID, expect duplication sometimes when not all your users have their phone devices synced. if you’re not using case sharing, then it’s not going to be a problem.


Hello Mazz,

Thank you so much for providing guidance. I am able to do it outside of the repeat group. Can we make it within the repeat group ? I am in need of auto increment of ID in the repeat group after every addition of new group.
Looking forward your guidance.

Thank you.

Hey there

yes you can. you just have to reference the position inside the repeat

this link should provide you with the guidance you need

somehow i didn’t paste

Thank you for the support. I will try and inform you.