Separating project pages

So we have a number of different projects under one account, collecting different data. I have assigned one worker in the wed users tab as an “app editor” and she has gone and created her own project. As an admin I cant see her project page (on the top right hand side I can only select my project), or her forms etc. BUT she can see ours. She can go to the top right hand and select between her project and ours. How can I restrict this? Or stop her being able to see and access our data?

Now ive also assigned another worker as an “admin”. I can see her application as part of our project page. I actually want her out of our project page and into her own, how can this happen?


Hi @K_Hainzer, Thanks for this question.

On the top right hand side, you see ALL the project spaces you have access to. Consider each project space as a separate working area, with it’s own admins and app builders.

Regarding your first question: You can remove her access to the project space where you are an admin, by revoking her app editor access from that project space.

Regarding your second question: In that case you could ask her to create her own independent CommCare project space.

If you need to be the admin to all project spaces, you can do that by asking these 2 individuals to add you as an Admin to their individual project spaces.

Please note that within one project space, Admins get view/edit access to ALL apps and data, and App Builders can either have access to ALL apps and data in the projects space or NO access at all to both.

Thank you,

Legend, that answers my question, thanks Dev!

Actually Dev, if in the future I wanted to add people as an app editors or admins OF THEIR own project space, but restrict them from seeing my project space, how do i do that? Basically, i want them to have access to commcare, but not have any access to my project space. (can i log out of my project space, and then add a user?).

First, I think you should ask them to add you as an Admin to their project space. After that you could remove their access from your project space.