Sending documents to mobile workers via CommCare

Is it possible to send documents such as PDFs to mobile users via CommCare? My mobile users do not have email addresses so I’m wondering what the best way of sharing documents would be. If it can be done in CommCare, that would be great.


Hi Eric,

As far as I know, Commcare does not handle pdf files from within the app. You can link to an existing file on the device to open it with another app but that’s all.

Regarding your question, the only workaround that I could think of is the convert your pdf file into jpeg and insert it in a new form in your app… Then you can update the app to every workers and they will have access to the content through the form…


Hey Michel,

Thanks for your response! I’m very interested in the first option you mentioned - linking to an existing file on the device. How can you do that in CommCare?



Hi Eric,

This is basically an app callout referencing the file you want to open locally.
Everything is explained here :

You can get inspiration from this example :