Send email when a case is closed

Hi there, really hoping someone can help me out with this.

Im trying to find a way of sending an email out when a case is closed.

I have tried using conditional alerts and was able to get that working as long as the case is open. This is not the requirement though, we have a followup form that closes a case on submission. I have the conditional alert set to check a case property changing to true on that form to fire of the email. However because the case becomes closed on the submission of the form the email never gets fired off.

Is there a way to get around this or possibly another way of doing it?
Any help would be much appreciated.

@Simon_Kelly @Clayton_Sims @Ethan_Soergel :slight_smile:

Hi @Calvin, I tried asking around and the below 2 recommendations were made. Could you try them out or advise if they won't be appropriate for your use case?

  • Could you have this form no longer close the case, but instead trigger the email, and then run an auto case update rule at night to close the case?

  • You could also use a case list filter on the mobile side to mimic the feeling of the case closing, so that once that form was submitted you hid the case from all case lists until it was closed later that night.

Hi @Ulrich thank you so much for the response. Thats a great idea, thank you! It could definitely work, it just means that we would have to make some considerable changes to our ETL which is pulling the data from commcare and transforming it. So from that point of view I was really hoping that there was a way to make conditional alerts work with closed cases or somehow send the alert just before the case was closed and avoid having to make any changes to our ETL.

Hi @Calvin it is a good use case for conditional alerts, but it is unfortunately not possible at the moment. We will send it through to the team as a product feedback/feature request, and we hope it should be possible in the near future. Apologies for the inconvenience; let us know how it goes with the changes on your end in the meantime.

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