Saving questions under repeat group to save property

Anybody with an idea how this is done, do share with me the information. When on case property window, I do not see any of the questions under repeat group for selection to be saved.

The Repeat group questions are appearing under followup case module and need to save them for reporting different instances. ( details captured at different visit dates).


You can’t directly save questions from inside a repeat group to a case, because there can be multiple iterations, but only one case property. For instance, if you record weight at three different visit dates in a repeat group, only one of those values can be saved to the case’s “weight” property.

The way around this is to make a hidden value outside of the repeat group, and calculate the result you wish to store there. This could be from the first or last iteration of the repeat group question, or some combination of all iterations, such as a computed average.

Lastly, if you need all iterations stored, you can use join() to join them to a single value, which can then be saved to the case.