Save to case: Save information about individuals within a household on a household tracking form

Hi, I would like to know if the Save to Case question type only works on advanced or custom plans. I'm working on a Pro plan and I can't find this option. Thank you very much. Specifically, I have a form of type parent and I want it to be able to store information about individuals that I have already created. Basically, we have a registration form that creates households and individuals. Then, during a follow-up session, we ask other key questions such as special conditions, diseases, and others. I want this form to store information about individuals without creating new individuals. I'm sure there is an easier way to do this, but I thought I could do it with "save to case".

Have you considered the Parent-Child case relationship? the household can be a parent and the individuals as child cases. you can then update the household through the followup with the individuals.

Yes indeed, I have household and individual cases from parent-child case relationship, but I want to know how I can save properties to the individual from a household follow up form (I want to track the household, save properties to the household, but if an individual in the household has a disease, I want to save this information to the individual).

yeah you would need save to case for that if you were interacting with the household level case. and for that to work, you would likely also need to use a lookup table with cases as options to identify the correct case id to update with the save to case feature.

It isn't available by default - you may need to contact support and be redirected to someone in sales or something I am not sure. We did get it on our enterprise level deal though but not sure if we had to pay extra for it.

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@Elena_Forero , thanks for posting on the Forum! As Mazz suggested, please email and we are happy to work with you to get the save to case feature activated on your project space!

Kai Cowger

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