Save or export a PDF file while filling out a form

Hello everyone!

I work for a program where most of the participants do not have an Internet connection. We visit the participants, fill out forms and, at the end of the visit, we fill out an agreement with commitments from us and the participants.

I was wondering if there was a possibility to create the agreement in CommCare and export a PDF file with the commitments while the surveyor is on the visit. We created a version as a label and are considering leveraging the signature tool in CommCare for that.

I know that what we have in mind is very complex and there is a high probability that this feature is not available, but any instructions on how to resolve this situation would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

The only thing I can think of for this is potentially an android call out that passes the information

you would need a PDF software on the device, and figure out if it has an appropriate call out function