Retrieve form content export for a previous application version

Hi all, I would like to get the form content from an older version of the application. Is it possible to do this or will I be forced to revert back to the older version? What are the implication of reverting back to an older version?


Hi Lilia,

If you are looking to get the form content in the same format as the forms you see today (in the form builder), you will need to use the Revert functionality.

The app revert functionality should be safe to use for your application without losing any work, although you may need to coordinate with app builders on your team. Essentially we recommend

  • Making a new “checkpoint” build in the release manager, and commenting that it is the checkpoint
  • Finding the old build, and reverting to it
  • Copying the form contents you need
  • Reverting to the “Checkpoint” build to recover your initial state.
    This shouldn’t have any consequences to users in the field unless someone marks any of the checkpointed builds as Released.


Thanks Clayton, this really helps.