Restricting web user access to a form or PII variables


My organization has an advanced account subscription. My question is whether it is possible to restrict a web user’s access to 1) individual forms within a module, and/or 2) individual variables inside a form that would appear in the Data and Reports features.

We are running a study along with two organizations, and for one of the HQ users we would like to restrict sensitive PII data from her view - while still allowing her to use the Reports and Data features to download all other data.

I have not found a way this is possible inside Commcare by adjusting user permissions, but please let me know if there is a solution.


Have you looked in to de-identifying data? That might meet your use-case.

Thanks for your reply. I’m aware of this feature, and it would probably be our last resort. We would like the user to have full access to the Data and Reports function other than viewing PII variables.

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