Restrict user to submit forms

Hi Folks,

i have an application which have four modules A,B,C,D. Every module has some forms.

Module D has a form XYZ which have 10 questions. I want when user reach at last question (Single Select) in form XYZ , screen should not show FINISH button. I want screen should come back to module Screen showing All modules A,B,C,D.

I want to restrict user to submit XYZ Form.

Thanks for your support.

Hey Khan

look under form settings->settings:Hamburger menu->Logic: will show->End of Form Navigation

that should do the trick i think


Hi Mazz,

I was wondering, is there a way to stop duplicate form submissions? i:e conducting the same survey twice on a particular farmer.

step 1: during registration -> have a hidden calculation that returns a value of “No” and store it as a property called “visit conducted”

Step 2: in the visit form, have a hidden calculation that returns the value “yes” and save that to the case property “visit conducted”. when the first visit is done, it will save “yes” instead of the “no” that was saved during registration.
step 3: in the visit form, have a label that says “You have already visited this farmer” and put it at the top of the form. in validation condition type “false()”. in display condition put “#case/visit_conducted = ‘yes’”

this will prevent from making a submission.

an other option is to do use case lists with caselist filters.



I am trying to implement this logic but it doesn’t stop duplicate entries. Please see image below:

In the image above, i am trying to initialise my hidden calculation within the visit form.

Here is my label.

My set up doesn’t restrict duplicate entries for the same module, how can i tweak this please?


I tweaked it a little bit but now the flag comes up when its a genuine record entry and not a duplicate

So the two issues are having the flag show up for duplicate entry and then restricting the user from entering the duplicate record by forcefully navigating back to the app menu.

And i am not sure also how to implement this on a large scale as for each client coaching, we have 6 modules and 7 aftercare sessions.