[Resolved] New Bitly variables?

The vault.yml on my system has variables for:

As I understand it, Bitly now uses OAuth and phased out the old API key system in September 2020 with version 4 of the API. What are the correct variables I should be entering for Bitly connectivity?


Hi Ed

You should use BITLY_OAUTH_TOKEN:

In your Vault file:

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Thanks Simon, is that the only variable required now for Bitly to function in Commcare?

Yes, that is the only only variable require now.

Thanks Simon, is there anything else needed to get this to work? Should I be restarting services after a config update? If it's not that, which logs can I check for clues? I'm not getting any failures on the front end but I'm getting this with a publish: "(No app code available. If you would like to use an app code instead of scanning the application barcode, try making another version.)"
Thanks again!

Any config change does require a restart of the CommCare services. If you're still getting errors after that you can check the web worker logs. In the browser debug console you should see an Ajax request to short_url, short_odk_media_url, or short_odk_url to generate the Bitly URL. If those requests fail there should be log traces in the web worker logs.

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Very helpful once again, thank you Simon, that (webworker restart) sorted it!