Request for Assistance: Recovery of Deleted Form

Dear Team,

I hope this email finds you well. I am writing to seek your assistance in recovering a recently deleted form in my CommCare project. Unfortunately, I mistakenly deleted an important form and I am in need of restoring it for further analysis and reference.

I have already checked the "Deleted Forms" section within my project, but I couldn't locate the function. It seems that the form might have been permanently deleted or moved to a different location. Therefore, I kindly request your support in recovering the deleted form from any available backups or through any means possible.


Hello Omary

There isn't a way to Delete a Form permanently from the project within the web based UI. There is an Archival functionality which you might have used to 'delete' the form. If so, you could Manage Forms functionality to restore the form.

You can consult the linked docs to get more info.