Repeating Forms

I am new to CommCare. So i need your help.

I have use case where we have to Register mothers with newborns with 59 days. The newborns have to be followed up for on multiple time points using the same followup form. My requirements are

  1. Register mother
  2. Need be Register babies separately. I have asked about them in Registration form itself with 3 questions for a maximum of 3 babies. I have not used repeat group
  3. Each baby has to be followed on different time points. The followup form is same.
  4. Each followup has to be completed within a weeks time of the scheduled date.
  5. If the a particular followup form is completed or not completed with the scheduled period, it should not be displayed to the data collector
  6. Since I have put all baies in the Registration form, how can I generate case lsit so that the data collector can see all three babies separately

you are looking for using the feature described here :slight_smile: Case Management - CommCare Public - CommCare Public

I have checked there but i cannot convert/apply to my use case I need help on how t put condition on the followup form and should i change my Registration to repeat group/child case or both. I do not have experience with either. I would be grateful if you could guide me on this

Oh I just realized I didn't read well enough.

you do want to use case management. but you also want to use "child cases". where each baby will become its own case.
those cases need to have a couple of properties, like, "Last Follow up Date" , "Next Follow up date", and use a "display condition" for the form to only show with the right conditions.

it's not very complicated, but you do have to use these features. Case management and Child Cases

the parent case can be the mother, or the household, or just a dummy placeholder if you don't need it

I have checked that also. But what should be the condition where the followup form would be available of all the babies a mother. Say their are two babies, then the followup form should open for both babies separately. And this followup form has to be repeated thrice for each alive baby at a given interval

Right now i am using case management but not child cases

It's a little difficult to describe everything you need to do to make it work. but first, use child cases for the babies.

  1. have those cases have a due date for a visit. and a counter.
  2. make a follow up form that looks like you want it to look like for that case type "the babies"
  3. add a display condition that checks if the due date is in the range of the period you need to check from today (there is a function to return the date today, and you can check if that date is within two weeks of today or whatever and that the counter is less than whatever count you need. if so, return true, if not, return false. this will hide your form if the count of visits is incorrect (more than the limit you set) or the date is not within the range.
  4. for the above to work, you counter needs to start at 0 or 1 when the child case is created, and incremented each time you fill the follow up form and the due date needs to change based on the inputs the user makers. you can find documentation from dimagi on how to use counters.

Hope this helps.

here's where to put the display conditions

Dear Mazen

Thanks for your reply. You are suggesting that i create child cases. Can i transfer my already collected data to new form setup of Child Cases

Yes. You would need to do quite a bit of manual work though in excel.

you would have to know what the parent case id's are, and create a case upload that uses those ID's in the parent_case_id field or whatever it is called I can't remember. it's possible but sensitive and you would have to look at case ownership too.