Repeat groups checkboxes

Hi everyone,

In one of my forms, I have questions within a repeat group asking about children's age. when downloading data, do I have to tick the checkboxs in the image below?

In other words, how to include data captured within a repeat group in the data export?


that's how. you click on those checkboxes.

you cannot get the repeats inside the same sheet because they are repeats.
so ,if the main sheet has one row for the submission, that row would be repeated for all the repeat groups so that you can have them in the same sheet .

Hi @Mazz,

It means if I do not click on the checkboxes, I won't get the answer of repeats in a separate sheet? What does deleted in the first checkbox mean as the question (Q113_idade_dos_filhos) is still in the form?

Thanks again

one thing you should know about form and case data is that pretty much once you have data somewhere, that column will always be available to you even when you delete the questions that used to collect data for them.
so, deleted means it's no longer in the app. but it used to be at some point and someone entered data through those elements.

as to your first question, yes. you need to click those checkboxes to get the data


I submitted one form as test data and for the repeat question 113 I entered 13. The question is: how to link the separate sheet to the main form.


number_0 and number_1 are the key values. they will match with the main sheet