Repeat group lookup table filtering for time allocation

Hi CommCarers,

I am looking for help with creating a time allocation form in CommCare.

The requirement is to assign 15 minute time increments over 24 hours to
various activities like sleeping, eating, working etc.

I have been experimenting with 2 lookup tables. One for activities and one
for the 15 minute time slots.

A repeat group loops through the activities with a single lookup table
checkbox question showing all the time slots.

However, I want to filter out time slots that have already been allocated
to other activities. I tried to do this with the join and contains
functions, however it appears the filtering works in real time, with the
selected options disappearing as they are selected using this method.

I can think of a workaround, which is to remove the repeat group and have
individual time slot lookup tables for every activity, until the final
activity is filtering out the options for 17 other types of activity,
however this seems a bit cumbersome, so I’m hoping someone has a better

If anyone has done this before I would love to see what solution has been