Repeat Group deselection error


I get this error upon deselection of an option within a question that triggers a repeat group.

This is my repeat group.


this is likely due to how commcare app doesn’t really remove repeats that are created.

so if you selected 4 items, and it created 4 repeats, and then you deselected 1 of the original 4 items, you’re still going to end up with 4 repeats.

i’d put a condition on the calculation that checks if the current repeat position is > = # of items selected

Thanks for the swift response. it’s strange that i have never had this problem with repeat groups in the past.

Would the calculation be in a hidden field? And where exactly do i place that, inside or outside of the repeat group?


inside crop to display

so in our example of selecting 4 crops and then changing that to 3, what’s hapening is this:

crop_based_questions[4] is trying to calculate crop_to_display. but there is not item at selected-at(crops, 4) so it throws an error.

if you do something like if (position(…) > count_selected_crops, 0, selected-at(etc…))
it will see that 4>3, and return a 0 instead of an error.

I am getting the error below

my code has 3 dots you likely need 2

my memory is bad, can’t remember exact syntax to get position of current repeat

Even with two dots, it doesn’t work.


This is the updated syntax but still throws an error when executing

i did something before where i made a hidden calculation that’s called “cur_position” inside the repeat
where the calculation was position(…) + 1
then where i needed to make a reference to the position, i did the condition like this
if(current()/…/cur_position > path_to_size_of_selected_items, 0"which means return false() and do nothing, perform a calculation)