Repeat Group Default Repeat Count

Hi all!

I’m including a repeat group in multiple surveys and can’t get the repeat count logic right. As I understand it there are two ways to set the repeat count: to set a fixed count based on a previous question or hidden variable, and to prompt the user to add another repeat group or continue to the next question. When I leave the repeat count logic bar blank, I thought the user is supposed to be prompted by default, but instead the repeat group is just being skipped over entirely. How do I set the repeat group to prompt the user instead of disappearing entirely or having to be set by a previous question.


Hey Patty,

You are right that leaving out the ‘Repeat Count’ as blank should prmopt the user to add a repeat group or skip it. I wonder if you have any ‘Display Condition’ set for your repeat group or for any parent group of the repeat group that might be causing your group to not be visible. I will also suggest rechecking that you are on the latest version of your app which has the repeat group. If none of these helps resolve your issue, I will suggest filing a bug using the steps here, so that we can better help dissect your issue.