Registration Form

Dear All Commcare users and developers,

I have 360 List for Items with registration form. when we create follow-up form and choose the items from the list but original items list are decrease items from the list.

May I know , how to make the list not be decrease from original items list. Mean that reference form Creating.

We use commcare Advance Plan

Best Thanks,

Hey @Lin_Htet1,
Not sure if I got your question correct, but from what I gather you are trying to restrict closing of cases?
So if your followup form or registration form is marked to close a case upon completion, then that case will disappear from the CommCare mobile app hence decreasing the number of cases.

You may rephrase your question, or contact support to help you on this.


Hi Revelation,

I not be close the case from the reference list. Always registration items.
Always open case. It's require to close case from reference list.

Best Regards,