Referencing App_id in the Export tool


we have set up the CommCare Export Tool and are currently testing this on one of our apps.

We have a few fields that aren’t coming through. Once of which is the app_id. I haven’t found any documentation as to how this needs to be referenced. I checked but it doesn’t seem to be listed.

Can anyone tell me how the source field should be identified?

Thank you,

Hi Naledi,

Although I’m not quit sure where the ‘official’ way to get this ID is located, I know that if you are viewing your app in HQ’s app builder your URL is something like

and the app ID is the series of letters and numbers after the “view”, IE:


in this case.


Hi Clayton,

thanks (and it would be good to know if there is an overview of these somewhere actually) but what I am looking for is how to get the app ID field into our Postgres database when I run the export tool, not to get the app id for a specific app.

Hi Naledi

The APP ID is only available if you are exporting forms. You can get it by using app_id as the Source Field. I’ve also updated the field reference document to list it.

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