Reassign household to a different village

We are working on a development aid project, I am in Australia and our colleagues are in a South East Asian country.
Unfortunately, during our training we weren’t informed about Group sharing hence it was not set up before our field team went to register villages and households for our program.
As we had 5 field team workers, we now have 5 copies of the village information (6 villages) and 2 Households registered to each of those 5 copies. There are no double ups of households just villages.

As there may be different members of the field team going out to collect data monthly for the the next 15 months, they will need to be able to share all the registered villages and households.
Hence, we need to reduce the copies of villages to just one copy in the village level! And have the households all assigned to the one set of villages.

This is the structure of our cases:
Parent case: Village
Child case: Household
Child case within Household: Goat

I have been thinking through a work around but each time I think I have it, I find a potential problem.
I would love some help if anyone has a solution.


If you didn’t have case sharing set up initially, you could perform an data export -> data import cycle to clean up duplicate records that were created. You can read more about manually setting “Index” (IE: child case) relationships on the wiki when performing uploads.

This will let you upload all of the data with the new shared structure.


Thank you Clayton, I will have a look into that option.
I found some information on data cleaning:clean case data. We are using the community version at the moment but if we used the Pro Plan could we potentially clean the case data using that function in Reports?


Case Cleaning will allow you to manually change the specific properties which are set for an individual case, which is similar to the functionality which would be performed with a case upload. That feature doesn’t allow you to reassign or merge cases, however. The case reassignment feature is available on the community plan.

From the case screen, you can also close a case manually. That functionality does not require a software plan.