Re-editing Registered case


I have created a form for registering case and another form to update some
information. Based on conditions in the update form the case need to be
shared to other followup forms.

Linelisting form - Creates a case and registers (on the condition that the
client agrees for registration, else the case will just be listed)
Service selection - selects service to allocate to the respective follow-up
forms, for instance BP management (case is listed only if the client agrees
in the linelisting form)
Linelisted registration - for registering those who disagree registration
in the linelisting form (every case those disagreed registration is listed)
Followup form - BP management followup form.

Now, Those cases disagreed in linelisting, I am trying to change the status
through linelisted registration form, by linking case properties of
linelisting form into the linelisted registration form and loading back the
data from the from back to the linelisting from. Ideally, This should show
the cases in service selection from, which is not working.