Question Regarding Exports - Looking for a Way to Export Display Text of Response Instead of Choice Value

Hi! When creating exports, is there a way to export the display text of an answer choice instead of the choice value for a variable? For example, if a person answers "Yes," which is coded as "1" for a question/ variable, is it possible to to export the response such that "Yes" appears instead of the code "1"? Any input regarding this would be much appreciated; thanks!


To my knowledge, there is no simple way to do this. What I've done to accomplish this is create a lookup table that contains the mapping from the values to the display text. I then use a "Hidden Value" field to query the lookup table with the value and retrieve the display text. The export can then include the hidden value field instead of the actual question.

Another option is to code the choice value with what you desire to appear as your downloaded data. I mean instead of changing the choice value to "1" just type "Yes" or whatever you wished to appear in your downloaded data as your choice value. It works like fire.