Question about Lookup Tables

Hi there,

I created a project to collect data about services done in my company. One of the informations I need to get is the materials used by the workers in order to execute their job. We have a list of approximately 100 materials they can use and I thought of using Lookup Tables to make it easier for them to specify what and how many materials they’re using. But here’s the thing, can I use lookup tables and have one of the fields from the lookup table edible by the mobile worker? I was thinking about putting all materials we have inside the lookup table so the workers can only inform materials that actually exist (each material has a fixed description and id number) and I need a solution to make it able to inform the quantity of each material used. Does the lookup table has this functionality?
Is there any other better way to solve my issue?

Thanks in advance for your attention.

Not sure if I get the questions correct:
Lookuptables are mainly a means of retrieving data and as far as I know there is no way for mobile users to items to the lookuptable. You could consider using item ‘other’ and them have the users to specify (you can use display conditions). If an item is often missing you could add it to the list for future forms.
For summarizing the usage I think you would have to look at the recently added report builder functionality or external sources e.g. excel (using manual download or excel dashboards)

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I understood what you said and I thank you for that. But my doubt was if the lookup table has any way to set a edible field, e. g:

The mobile worker would select which material he’s using and therefore would have a blank field in the form so he can inform the quantity of that material he needed. Like selecting nails as material (from the lookup table) and informing in a text box how many nails he just used.
But I think it does not have that functionality.