Python version - 2.7?

Part of the installation details installing python 2.7.x:

Is this still the best version to use? I see a number of messages indicating pip dropping python 2.7 support in future which may not be an issue, I just thought I’d ask.


Hi Ed!

Good eye for detail there.

We’ve been in the active process of updating our dependencies to new long-term support versions for a bit now. Our Python3 migration is very close to being complete, but isn’t quite yet there.

For now, Python 2.7 is still part of the stable requirements.


P.S. If you’d like to be active part of helping the Python3 update, do let us know :). One of our developers working on the task can show you how to activate the py3 only environment.

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Great, thanks Clayton, that’s helpful!

Hi Ed,

In case you missed it, we have now transitioned to Python 3! More details can be found here: Python 2 deprecation notice (30 days to upgrade)


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