Python script to ingest data

please help with Python script to ingest data from forms in to python

Hi @Qenehelo_Matjama Do you simply want the form data available in an external python script? What is your usecase?

Thanks for the reply, I want to do ETL by ingesting data from commacre and do transformation using pandas and load to dhis2. So have script of transformation and loading to dhis2. I need script for ingetsing forms data from commcare.

In that case I would go with the Data Forwarding feature if possible. This is useful if you want to implement a real-time (or near real-time) ETL solution. This will require you to expose an API for HQ to push data to.

If you'd rather only pull data from HQ, have a look at CommCareSync. This allows you to periodically pull data from HQ into your own database.