Python error on deployment on new environment

Hello, I have been following the tutorial on how to install CommCare Cloud on a new environment, but I have encountered the following error during the phase of installing the services onto the monolith (Step 6 of the guide)

It seems that its using a function that is not available for the current version (assertCountEquals), because it was introduced in 3.2

The conflictive code is on

def patch_assertItemsEqual():
    import unittest
    unittest.TestCase.assertItemsEqual = unittest.TestCase.assertCountEqual

I am currently doing this on a VM with a clean install of Ubuntu Server 18.04.3

Hi Roberto,

You should check out the developers forum, which is all about running CommCareHQ yourself, there’s more information on this sort of thing there.

CommCareHQ now only supports Python 3 (we’re on 3.6, currently). Here’s the forum thread on the subject, which has some useful links. Though if you’re setting up a new environment, it should be easier, since you don’t need to migrate an existing one over.

It does look like the commcare cloud documentation still contains references to Python 2. I’ll see that that gets updated. Have you tried following the steps described in the changelog for moving to Python 3?

But these instructions are for already running instances.
I am trying to install CommCare CLoud on a fresh Ubuntu Sever, on a monolithic setup (HQ and Cloud on same machine)

What tutorial are you following? Can you provide a link? It probably needs to be updated. At a minimum, you’ll need to follow step 1 in the changelog entry for migrating to Python 3 to instruct commcare-cloud to deploy with Python 3.