PyCharm configuration template for testing with debugger

Hello everyone,

Do any of the developers perhaps use the PyCharm UI to run tests and debug them? I am able to setup a run configuration by invoking the test as a standard python script (and running directly from terminal with test works just fine too), but when I try to use the Django test runner with a debugger attached I get all sorts of issues from modules not being found, exceptions from nose to general process errors from the OS. Thought that before I get too invested I just check if one of you fine folks may have a template already set. I'm using Ubuntu 22.04


I also use PyCharm on Ubuntu. I have run tests from PyCharm before but I don't generally because it's an effort.

I think the main issue is that our script does a whole lot of extra things but PyCharm uses it's own script to run the tests.

In the past I've been able to run a test by running it as a 'python script' and then typing out the command as I would on the command line.

You can create a run configuration manually to run tests. I usually just change one I have.

Thanks for the reply! That's been my experience so far as well, but I'll give the a closer look and see if I can make anything of it.

Cheers @mriese

I got that far as well - are you able to run that in debug mode as well as run mode?

Yes, I am able to debug with this run configuration. Are you able to do "run" with it at least or does it do neither for you?