Pulling child case properties in an attendance form

Hi Everyone,

I am making use of parent/child cases and i am unable to pull the names of my child cases in a training attendance form. All participants are registered within a group and that creates the participants as child cases of the groups. In my training attendance form, i want to pull the names of the participants but it doesn’t show up.

I have already placed my case filter on the child cases but the names do not show up.


cases can’t have no names. also, if the cases were coming up in this multi-select, you would see checkboxes or radio buttons without any details (empty options)

it looks like the user doesn’t have access to any cases with that filter. either the filter is preventing them, or that the user is in a different case sharing group. Or if maybe you’ve still not submitted the form with the child cases at this point? the cases will only be created once the form is actually been submitted, not anytime before that. so it could be that the cases don’t exist at the point you’re trying to answer that question.

if this is the case, you can use the repeat where you’re creating the child cases as a source for the data for this question. just remove instance and url then put /data/pathrorepeatgroup as the source, with the name of the fields inside the repeat as the value and display text fields.


Thanks so much. Your response helped me scrutinize my case lists properly. I have referenced the child case directly and removed the case filter and it works just fine.


How can i place a filter so that the participants that show up are the participants under a particular group? Right now it seems to be pulling the names of all the participants in all the groups.

Hi Jay

it depends on if it’s a standard case sharing group or not.

even if you select the group you want, if that use doesn’t have access to that group, they won’t see it/the cases.

so, make sure that the case sharing groups are set up in a way that allows those cases to be visible in the first place. i personally use organizational levels/locations. i use caselist filters on case properties rather than the location sometimes. it depends on the need

you want to reference owner_name or owner_id to filer cases using the standard fields. but again, that doesn’t automatically mean you’ll see the cases. instead, i use a property against the case that holds the case id’s, and i use has-selected as the filter

this is inside a lookup table, but you get the point
selected(#case/enrolled_beneficiaries, @case_id)