Product Update: Data Dictionary

Hi All,

I am excited to announce that the new Data Dictionary feature has been released for all users on Advanced plans and higher. You can find more information about this feature, here.

The Data Dictionary is a powerful tool which allows you to build a dictionary of case properties within your project space in order to better organize, refine, and clean case properties over time. Here are some of the many powerful things the Data Dictionary can unlock for you:

  1. The ability to group and categorize case properties together which share similar characteristics.
  2. The ability to add descriptions and labels to case properties, which will show up during app building and exporting.
  3. The ability to deprecate and clean case properties that are no longer used.
  4. The ability to add new case properties without having to add them to any apps.
  5. The ability to export case properties all at once in order to facilitate indicator management across applications.
  6. The ability to quickly spot duplicate or mistakenly created case properties.
  7. The ability to import bulk case properties all at once!

Happy app building!

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