Product Update: Case List Explorer!

I am excited to announce the release of Case List Explorer (CLE) on our Pro and above CommCare software plans.

The CLE has been designed to help you find the case/s of your interest quickly, right from CommCareHQ. Powered by our intuitive and powerful Case Query Language, CLE allows you to query your case data by case properties. The CLE empowers users with simple needs (say, query based on 2-3 case properties), while still supporting “power users” with sophisticated needs (say, query based on complex logic, and involving child or parent cases).

Given its general utility, we anticipate CLE to unlock a lot of use cases. Following are some of them.

  • Identification of the most vulnerable participants that need immediate attention.
  • Expediting cascading case identification and prioritization workflows (say, for cash and voucher assistance workflows)
  • Detecting data anomalies
  • Generating ad hoc insights on your participants.
  • Sharing actionable filtered views of your ‘case list’ with your colleagues.

I look forward to seeing how the CommCare community engages with the CLE, and the innovative workflows it enables. Please let me know if you any questions.

Thank you,

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