Product Update: App User Profiles

One app. Many views.

The CommCare platform allows you to build powerful apps whose user interface can be dynamically and automatically transformed bases on who the app user is. This magic is driven by our Custom User Data capability, where you can tag your app users with custom user properties, and then use these properties in your app building to design user interfaces that are conditionally displayed based on an app user’s data fields. For example, you can create a unique app view of the same app specifically for CHW supervisors. Same app with different views significantly simplifies app maintenance and rollout over building multiple apps for your program!

We are happy to announce that now managing projects that need a large set of custom user data properties is easy! Our new feature, App User Profiles, allows you to define profiles consisting of custom user data and then conveniently tag app users with the right profile. Save time and reduce room for error when creating and updating custom user data!

This feature is available on CommCare Advanced Software Plan and above.