Process for migrating out of date server

I have an out of date monolith server where CCHQ is at 0b61f715dbcb265d6714f12e0e81e7859c811330 (Thurs Aug 26 2021) and CCHQ is at 185eedf999b14416f2406e55d67e9f97ad24aee5 (Fri Nov 12 2021).

I have installed a fresh monolith from scratch on a new machine and want to migrate the old system to the new including data.

What is the recommended procedure? Should I upgrade the old server to the latest including all the changelogs then backup and restore to the new machine or is there another approach I should be looking at?


Hi Ed

I think you will have to upgrade the old server to the latest (specifically the databases) since there will be schema and data migrations which will need to be applied before the new code will work.

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