Problems in my downloaded data

I have uploaded the lookup table below into my form but Iam having problems with my downloaded data. There are two questions:

  1. select the district name that has the question ID: district
  2. select the health facility. here I set the display condition as district_id=district.

In the form everything works fine. First I select the district then the health facility, but when I download data in excel format I see the district name in the health facility column, i.e, in both columns I have the district name.

field: district_id field: district_name
kampfumo Kampfumo
nlhamankulu Nlhamankulu
kamaxakene Kamaxakene
kamavota Kamavota
kamubukwane Kamubukwane
field: facility_id field: facility_name field: district_id
cs_alto_mae CS Alto Maé kampfumo
cs_maxaquene CS Maxaquene kampfumo
cs_polana_cimento CS Polana Cimento kampfumo
cs_malhangalene CS Malhangalene kampfumo
cs_chamanculo CS Chamanculo nlhamankulu
hg_chamanculo HG do Chamanculo nlhamankulu

Here is the downloaded data in excel

formid form.captacao_gps_do_local form.district form.facility
69486220-59e0-4172-af90-82209d72a8c4 matola matola
12a6db06-be0e-4657-b36b-806d8c3e6a86 kampfumo kampfumo
82fdf8c4-4723-4904-b0fa-989cf0054cb5 kamaxakene kamaxakene
dddf3ed3-f685-4647-8b9e-d44075cf6d02 kamubukwane kamubukwane
bec1b7fb-0d78-4d76-848e-a69b58eb6650 kampfumo kampfumo
004f21b6-57c1-458c-99cb-956f562973ac kampfumo kampfumo
aef3c82e-48fd-4a1f-b5e5-cff6318efda8 -25.9551079 32.5884207 0.0 33.0 matola matola
4599be4d-3fc1-4fa1-a359-d4efc4c04a5e kamubukwane kamubukwane


What is the ID value you are assigning in the second lookup table question? My guess is it’s district_id not facility_id.


Thanks, Clayton. In fact, I had assigned a wrong ID in the second lookup table question.