Problem with uploading updates via XML file

Hi guys, i am wondering why some Qns updated on excel then converting to xml file and uploading the file by going to the form properties as shown here below: image
doesn’t update some questions/options but the other but damn slow method of replacing form’s xml code through the “view source xml” with the new xml works? The second method is hard if network is fluctuating and you have more than 800 questions long questionnaire

Hi Martin,

Could you provide a little more information about which questions are not updating properly? If you wouldn’t mind, could you walk us through the steps you’re taking to make an update, including the result that you expect to see in the app, and the result that you actually see?

In the meantime, if network connectivity is making it difficult to make edits using “Edit Source XML,” you might try copying the XML into an offline text editor, and making your changes here. Then, when ready to apply the changes back to the form, you can click Edit Source XML again, and paste your updated XML over the existing code. This will help prevent issues where you lose connectivity while you are actively updating the source XML in the browser.

Thanks Cody for the good spirit to help but the problem still was not solved. Its somehow erratic and not easy to reproduce the problem. I have an xls with 1022 rows in options sheet, and 800 rows in survey sheet. The questionnaire is first developed in excel and most functions, skips are done here then conversion is done as usual to xml on and all is fine. Once an xml file has been generated, there are two ways to upload the xml.

  1. One is copying the xml contents and replacing the comm-care form (under edit source xml menu) - this one works fine but takes long time and with slow networks you cant succeed, keeps on asking you to retry
  2. Uploading the xml file as shown above the first problem- this one loads fast but some few questions may not change as expected maybe a skip or some validation, or label which you are sure to have fixed but it retains the original value
    Finally i just uploaded using second option and corrected the issues on the form builder which seems more of a bug in the upload function


There are a couple of areas where we need to translate logic between how
our xform builder represents some concepts and other xforms do. It sounds
like we may be missing some edge cases in that translation.

Can you Report an Issue through CommCare HQ including one of those forms
(and if possible an example of a change you can make after upload which
isn’t persisted) so our support team can figure out what we are missing?

And I just wanted to thank you specifically for raising this to our
attention! It’s important to us that we are a good neighbor for other tools
in the community, so it’s helpful for us to know when things have gotten
out of sync.


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Hi @Clayton_Sims, thanks for your assistance, it was hard to regenerate the problem, but since i managed to sort the problem if i recreate the bug i will surely share with the technical team, thanks once more