Problem publishing an application version upgrade

Hi all, I recently made an application version upgrade to the application I was using. This new version has a few additional questions included. On the web application preview, I am able to view how the new version will look like with the additional questions. I also managed to change the application from test to released as the latest version and upgrade the version on my phone. However when reviewing the question on the mobile phone, the additional questions cannot be seen yet I have already upgraded to the latest version. Only questions in the older application version are visible. What might be causing this to happen? This is urgent, kinldy assist.

Hi Lilia,

Can you confirm that the version number that appears on the “Update App” screen in CommCare matches the version number listed on the Release Manager page for the latest release you are expecting to see, as well as the app version number (listed at the bottom of the module list) in Live Preview?


Hi Clay,

Thanks for your response. I managed to resolve the problem. I wasn’t clicking on make new application hence the reason why changes made on commcareHQ were not available on the the mobile user end.