Power Bi Report/Cases archived

Hello, I have archived different cases, which no longer appear in the reports or exports made in commcare and it is ok, the situation is that when I update my report in Power Bi, the archived cases still appear, how can I do, so that the cases archived in commcare do not appear in my Power Bi report?

Hi, try and use a filter, so all cases which are closed are filtered out of all pages in your PBI report. Just drag that case's "Closed" field into the filter window and select "False" to hide the cases which are archived. There is a\probably also a way in the exports to exclude closed cases.

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Hi @Toby, Thank you for your reply.

I have a BI connected to commcare by ODataFeed, it brought me all the archived data, so I made the query, it turns out that now, I have archived a new file and updating my BI no longer brings me the archived data, yupiiiiiiiii.

Your suggestion also works, thank you.

Thank you very much!