Possible to restrict web users access to apps within a project space

Hi everyone,

I had a quick question about the possibility of restricting web user access to specific apps within a project space. Specifically, we have have various iterations of our current app in our project space, but would like web users to only have access to the current iteration. I found a comment from 2015 indicating that this wasn’t possible to do, but was wondering if (hoping!) that this may have changed in the subsequent 4 years.


Hi @KatyF,

This is currently not possible. But we are actively working in this area, and we are considering this change. I will write to you once this is available.

Out of curiosity, would the web users still need view only access to those apps? If so, can you tell me why?


Hi Dev,

Thanks for your response. In our case, it would be best if the web users didn’t have any access at all to the other versions of the apps in our project space. They are reporting that having these other versions available to them makes CommCare HQ harder/more intimidating to navigate, in part because they are nervous that they will accidentally make changes to the wrong thing. I recognize that in reality the chances of doing this seem pretty low, and the consequences also wouldn’t be too serious, but regardless it is making using CommCare HQ more difficult for them!