Please help with question decision

Hi community,

I am building a form in commcare and I don’t know which kind of question type I have to choose for the following question:

When did you start using this method?
Month: _________________________ Year: ________________________ I can't remember ( )

The problem for me is that in the same question, the answers are either text(month), integer(year) or tick (I can't remember ). How should I Handle this?

Thanks in advance

why don't you do multiple choice questions? one for month, that include "I don't know" and one for year, where maybe they can enter 9999 for "i don't know" or have a different way of doing it

Hi @Mazz
The following approach seems interesting, but sorry I didn't understand it very well.

Do you mean something like this:

if it should look like this, Here, how would I enter the month any year as I have two multiple choice questions; each with two options?


Now that I see this, you actually want to take the simple path
1 multiple choice question
when did you stop?

if they select date, show a date question. if they select approximate, show two number questions with validation rules "1-12 for month and within the past 40 years perhaps" with instructions to take an answer even if approximate. default is 1.
don't show anything if they select IDK.
in the background, have 2 hidden calculations - one that converts that number entry into a date of some kind with a default day and month if you don't get them, same for IDK. and then one more that coalesces the right response so that you always use a single column for your reporting