Parsing Error: Survey Form not Opening

We had recently designed a survey and it was nearly complete aside from translations. We went in to insert the translations and ended up receiving the following message "Parsing Error. Please Check that your XML form is valid". It only shows this for one form within the application. We tried making a new version to resolve it but received the following error message:

"Error parsing XML: error parsing attribute name, line 13, column 18 (, line 13)
Error in form "Baseline Survey [en] ": Error parsing XML: error parsing attribute name, line 13, column 18 (, line 13) in form".

It is asking us to go in to fix the form in order to view and edit case management, but we cannot open the form itself. Any advice on how to resolve this would be greatly appreciated.

Hi Brian,

Can you share what do you mean by this? You are not able to open the form on the browser on CommCareHQ or something else?
And Is this on a self hosted CommCare environment?

Hello Manish,

Thank you for the reply! This is on the browser Commcare HQ. I have made the application using my account and have one other web user who helps to edit the Commcare HQ application. I am unsure what you mean regarding a self-hosted Commcare Environment. Would you be able to clarify?


I meant if you were facing this issue on CommCare hosted and managed by Dimagi or it is managed by your team?
I can understand that if you can share the URL you use to access the application on browser.

This is on the browser Commcare HQ

It seems the form XML is corrupted due to the translation update, probably due to some translation done in a way, with some broken tags, that corrupted the XML.
It should be possible to fix this from the backend if you have access to the servers.

Hello Manish, This is managed by our team. This would make sense as we have been working on translations. Thank you for your insights! Here is the link we use to access the application on the browser: Log In :: CommCare HQ - CommCare HQ


Thanks for sharing the URL.

The application is managed by your team though this is Dimagi managed CommCareHQ environment.

So, Depending on your subscription of the project, you should be able to submit your concern using the "Report An Issue" button under the Help Icon ("?" sign) on the right side of the top navigation bar and you would receive the assistance needed to fix the form.