Order in which forms are processed

This is a follow-up question to Order in which forms are processed on the server
Has anything changed since 2017? Specifically, has the token-chain strategy mentioned by Clayton been implemented?
I’m concerned about this for a slightly different reason to that mentioned by the OP, namely that I remember experiencing problems (many years ago) which I believe resulted from forms from a single device not being processed (i.e., not “received”) by the server in the order they were completed. That is, I believe forms were sent from the device to the server in the “wrong” order, or, possibly, the “received” time stamps were not sufficiently precise to result in the forms being processed in the “right” order. Of course, I could be misremembering!


We have found that issues with case transaction ordering have become increasingly uncommon so we haven't pursued any new approaches in order to keep things simple and straightforward.

Speaking to the issue of mis-ordered submissions from individual devices: I believe at some point there were issues where devices with certain TimeZone locale strings occasionally had problems sorting outbound forms, which may be what you are remembering. We did determine the root cause of those issues, and they should be corrected since CommCare 2.35

Devices currently only send forms in the physical order they were completed, and forms are sent in a blocking queue which doesn't advance until each form has been confirmed by the server.


Thanks for the clarifications. One less thing to worry about!