Options for creating automated visual data/result summaries e.g. using scorecards

Hello, does anyone know of any other options for visually presenting data /
results, in an automated way, aside from using the excel dashboards?

We are collecting quality of care information from health facilities using
CommCare. However we would like to present automated, simple summary
results back to the health facilities using, for example, scorecards such
as the one here:

Results don’t have to be presented exactly as in the example above, but the
main point is that the ‘scorecard’ or whatever is used, needs to be
automated (so that they can be easily produced by people in-country), and
ideally use a colour coding system for the health facilities results e.g.
green (met certain criterion), red (did not meet certain criterion). The
data is quite simple, for example whether a particular question scored a
yes (green), or no (red), with the most complex being the overall score
(colour) for a group of questions.

Do you know of any facility in, or linked to CommCare that can be (fairly
easily) used to develop score cards, or will they need to be made in access
or using quite complicated methods, once the data is exported from
CommCare? The dashboard is useful for overall summary data and comparing
health facilities etc. but not really what we are looking for in terms of
feeding back to individual facilities.

Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions.