Open referral on commcare

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Peter Lubambi just asked a great question; the answers are given below. I’ve
also put it on the wiki FAQ page, so you can also check that out.


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Answers inline.

2011/8/25 Peter D Lubambi

Hi guys,
i have two quick questions,

  1. In my application more than five different questions may trigger to
    open referrals, some questions are mult-select and some are single
    select. in commcareHQ it allows to specify only one question to open
    referral, How do i handle my case?

The question you give CommCare HQ to open referrals based off of has to be
in the format “type1 type2 type3”, which is how multi-selects output
whatever you selected. It will then open a referral with whatever values you
have there, i.e. in the example here three referrals with types ‘type1’,
‘type2’, and ‘type3’. If you have complex logic for what referrals to open,
then you should put that in your form as a calculated data node. (This
currently has to be done in the old form designer; we’re still working to
add this functionality to the new one that’s in Beta.)

2.Field ‘Set followup date to’ under open referral, what is it for?
how does this work?

Every time you open referrals, you can give them a follow up date, which is
the date that the CHW needs to follow up on the referral by. If you don’t
set it, it’ll set it automatically to a few days later; it’s usually best to
set this yourself.

thank you.