Number of times resopose received or to make blank the particular cases response

We've established a system called "1000days_women" for registering women. If a registered woman becomes pregnant, this information is reflected in the ANC to PNC module.

Within the ANC to PNC module, we've implemented logic to prevent redundant questions. For instance, if a response has been recorded for a specific question, that question will not be asked again. For example, if the question "Did you register at AWC?" has been answered, it won't reappear.

However, we face a challenge when a registered woman becomes pregnant again. In such cases, the previously answered questions may not be visible.

To address this issue, we considered adding an additional question to inquire about subsequent pregnancies. Although this would ensure that the AWC question is visible again, it would also result in it appearing every time a community member fills in the data.

Right so I imagine that you put those questions in as case properties that you are checking against for a display condition.

you can assume that pregnancies happen again due to
1- came to full term and gave birth
2- Did not carry to full term and got pregnant afterwards.

in the first case, a simple date check would do. you would know when the baby is due, so if the data being collected is after this date, ask the questions anyway.

for the second scenario, I imagine there would be another interaction with the beneficiary to indicate that they had had a miscarriage or some other reason to not come to term, and you can then use that to flag that these questions should be asked again.

you can either use a case property for each question, or make a case property for groups of questions that have been answered.